Robert Standish

Robert Standish is a visual artist and Los Angeles native. His works can be found in the permanent collections of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, JP Morgan Chase, The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, as well as acclaimed private collections. In a departure from his well known photorealism, in 2012 Standish began a series of paintings titled Orbs. Robert Standish has permanent works at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has lived in Malibu since 2006.

The concept and process for creating this body of work was significantly influenced by my interest in metaphysics, spirituality and theology. With the Orbs paintings, I explore the cosmos as a symbol of sacred consciousness via sacred geometry and applied color. Dr. Carl Jung viewed the symbolism of a circle as a geometric archetype of the psyche. My choice to work within the confines of a circular shape is ideated upon its literal and spiritual associations to the cosmos and to assist with creating the feeling of a world within a world. From dense planetary matter to the flow of h20 to the frequencies and vibrations of thought and feeling : these are some of the representations I'm hoping to convey in the series. The process begins with creating a 1/8 inch monochromatic base using a circular stencil. A contrasting color or multi colors are added to the base and a wet on wet technique is employed. The wet on wet approach is helpful for keeping spontaneous flow.